The Free App Every Estate Agent Should be Using

You know the problem, you’re listing a property but it’s almost impossible to find. I know it’s not just me who thinks every home listed for sale is located at the end of an overgrown drive, has had the house number/name plate stolen, is situated right on the junction of 3 intersecting roads or has just plainly been allocated the wrong postcode!

I regularly photograph properties in a Nottinghamshire village where all the properties have the same single postcode!

What3Words is the solution

In simple terms, the developers of this app/website have overlaid a grid of squares 3m by 3m across the entire globe and allocated each a unique 3 word ‘name’. Using the app you can find/choose any square and identify its name, obviously you can use the GPS in your phone to find the square you’re in at any time. You then share this simple name with anyone with the app and they can immediately find the exact same spot.

The BBC have recently featured the system on their website;

So just imagine, you list a property that’s not easy to find but as you leave you save the name of the location of the access to share with colleagues, viewings and dare I say it your photographer. Result - simple visits, happy viewings and no stressed phone calls asking “whereabouts is that property?”