Interview by Rob Beadle - Professional Copywriter

I was fortunate enough to recently be interviewed by professional copywriter Rob Beadle for his series of professional profiles, you can read the full interview here.

The process of being interviewed by a third party, someone just like a prospective customer who initially knows very little about you and your business was an insightful process.

Reflecting upon the 10 year journey from business set up to the present day is probably not something many small businesses spend time doing - there’s too many other things to concentrate on. But it was a very valuable exercise and one that small businesses should do more often.

It has been an interesting process from preparing for the interview through the interview process itself and then reading the resulting article. Does it accurately reflect my perception of the interview, does it reflect well on my business and critically, for any business to ask, did I get my message across well. Honestly, I’m not too sure but that’s a very valuable lesson for me, if I’m going to allow someone else to talk about and present my business I’d better make sure I can communicate my priorities.

All too regularly we might think of “strategies” and future development but being questioned by a stranger, without the pressure of day to day business was a valuable introspection.

What do you think? Anything missing or disagree with any of the points made? Please feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll happily respond as appropriate.

Thank you Rob