The Power of Floor Plans for Estate Agent Marketing

Clear, concise & accurate estate agent floor plan

Clear, concise & accurate estate agent floor plan

Did you know a great floor plan is the estate agent’s second most important marketing tool?

A clear, accurate & easily understood floor plan informs potential purchasers and they quickly make decisions on them.

Conversely, a complex, vague or unclear floor plan, or one which doesn’t accurately portray a property will turn customers off in a heart beat.

Here are the biggest mistakes you’re making with your floor plans which are costing you business:

  1. You’re producing 3D floor plans. You think these look great in your listings & brochures but your prospective purchasers hate them. They rarely provide practical information for comparison and that 3D effect makes even the most generously sized bedroom look like a box room. Even worse are Matterport produced floor plans, viewers want to envision their furniture & style in what might be their new home, not that dodgy paisley print carpet in the dining room!

  2. Your floor plans don’t include the vital information a viewer requires. Minimalism might look great in that chic apartment but your floor plans have a particular purpose - to inform your customers. Clear, unambiguous labels, accurate measurements, floor area and yes, an old fashioned north arrow all assist buying decisions and portray a sense of professionalism & trust.

  3. Your floor plans are inaccurate, mis-labelled and just plain wrong. We’ve seen the wrong floor plan used to market properties, kitchens labelled as bedrooms, homes drawn back-to-front and dimensions clearly exaggerated by several feet. Floor plans provide practical information to inform buying decisions, they generate trust.

  4. Your blurb and floor plan contradict each other. If different people are writing your blurb & producing your floor plans check room names, descriptions and dimensions before you publish, better yet create & stick to an agreed standard. Living rooms labelled “Lounge”, Playrooms described as “Snug” and Master Suites labelled “Bedroom 1” just confuse and turn viewers away.

  5. You don’t produce floor plans. You’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity, after professional photos a clear, concise & accurate floor plan is the second most important marketing tool. Take action now to include floor plans in all your listings.

Floor plans don’t need to be time consuming, expensive or difficult to produce. if you don’t know where or how to get started with good quality, value adding floor plans get in touch and we’ll be delighted to send you some free tips & advice.