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Turnbull Sleaford Showroom

Turnbull Sleaford Showroom

We were commissioned by Turnbull & Co Ltd to produce a portfolio of images within their network of showrooms across Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire.

Turnbull are the largest independent builders’ merchant in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, supplying the trade and general public since 1895, through their network of eight branches. They’re proud of their excellent customer service provided by knowledgeable, friendly staff, and it was very important that we could portray this within the images we produced.

As with any commission, we discussed Turnbull’s specific requirements in detail, including understanding their marketing strategy so we could understand how to deliver added value and ensure the portfolio provided met their needs now and in the future.

We carried out a series of shoots across a number of showroom locations, all within normal operating hours so working with and around staff & customers. The main objective was to produce a series of showcase images of display kitchens & bathrooms but within the showroom environment and we achieved this, working with and enhancing the available lighting. We were able to provide instant pre-views of the images being captured to confirm adherence to brief and to ensure a speedy, efficient workflow.

The images produced are being used across Turnbull’s printed marketing (see images below) and their website here.

Here’s what Lauren Hackett, Marketing Executive at Turnbull had to say:

Working with Adam has been as painless as could be.

Conversations with him went from the initial explaining what I wanted to do and what the photos would be used for to building out the brief for what we’d be doing together. There were specific things I knew I wanted photos for and for other things on our website I knew the area I wanted imagery for but we brainstormed together to come up with ideas for what might work in its place.

The shoots themselves after initial set-up time fly by quickly moving from shot to shot allowing us to get in more shots than I thought we would thanks to thinking it out and planning it beforehand.

All work was delivered promptly back to us with amends, usually within a day or two of the shoot which is great to keep up momentum on a project.

Overall I’m delighted with all the photographs taken. We got everything we needed for the initial project they were commissioned for but also having a more planned out approach allowed us extra time and opportunity at the end of each shoot to get additional shots in which have proved invaluable since the project for use in other material. Essentially getting more for our money from one shoot, futureproofing future projects!

I couldn’t recommend working with Adam enough. He is our go-to contact for any photography work we have to do!

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