Lincoln Christmas Market PhotoWalk Friday 7th December 2018

Lincoln Christmas Market PhotoWalk Friday 7th December 2018


Lincoln Christmas Market is a vibrant, busy and incredibly photogenic event but one that can be huge challenging to photograph.

People, illuminations, iconic buildings, lively fairground, movement & colour, there are so many subjects to explore and images to create and on this PhotoWalk you will be expertly guided through the crowds, encouraged to explore the detail and helped to capture the atmosphere.

We'll meet up at 7pm away from the crowds for introductions, briefing and to agree upon our programme & route. You'll then begin photographing the market, the sites and the people with expert guidance & advice throughout. We'll pick a variety of subjects to guide you through or allow you to practice a range of techniques or just try something you've not done before. This PhotoWalk is just as suitable for those with a camera phone as it is for those with SLRs, novices to serious enthusiasts will learn something new and discover unique sites & images.

We'll programme into our schedule a break so we can all grab a hot drink to warm up before we move on to photograph more of this stunning event. We'll finish around 9:30pm giving you lots of time to capture everything the market has to offer.

Places are limited to ensure we can provide everyone with appropriate guidance and to ensure we can manage the group within the busy market environment.

Our Lincoln Cathedral PhotoWalk always proves very popular & a real hit so please book early to ensure you secure your place. 

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