Shoot the Street PhotoWalk 8/4/17


Shoot the Street PhotoWalk 8/4/17


Follow in the footsteps of the most iconic photographers and try something you'd otherwise avoid - shoot real life. On this PhotoWalk we'll give you the confidence to explore, spot & record real life, in all its forms. We'll begin with a quick briefing before setting out in groups to ensure you're always with someone else. We'll be watching & photographing people in candid & spontaneous situations, looking for the unique, humorous & eye-catching.

We'll cover the appropriate camera settings but this PhotoWalk is primarily about observation & confidence - we'll help you with both..

Suitable for everyone including beginners, this PhotoWalk gives you the opportunity to try something new in a safe & enjoyable environment. 

Any camera type is suitable for this PhotoWalk including camera-phones. This is less about the camera & more about the person behind (& in front) of it.

Our PhotoWalks are always led by an expert and you're guaranteed to learn something new, capture great photos and have fun.
Our Shoot the Street PhotoWalk is just £15 per person and places are limited so book soon.

9:30am to 12:00pm Saturday 8th April 2017, Lincoln town centre

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