Digital Photography 1 - From Intro to Wow!

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Digital Photography 1 - From Intro to Wow!


Our Introduction to Digital Photography Course is a great way to get started in digital photography or to return to it after some time.

We will take you through the basics of digital photography from the operation of your camera regardless of its type through to sharing & printing your photographs.

This is the ideal course for beginners, everyone will learn something new at each session!

This course includes:

  • Basic camera settings to get the most from your camera and how & when to adjust them
  • The principles of taking great photos, including how to use your camera in different situations, the secrets your manual doesn't tell you.
  • Why light is important & how to use it
  • Basic composition, how to arrange your photos
  • Basic computer use, downloading your photos, keeping them safe & starting to think about improving them
  • Finally we'll look at sharing your photos, whether with family & friends or to the whole world!
  • A set of notes to refer back to at your leisure when the course has ended
  • Support after the course

Throughout the course you'll pick up lots of tips, tricks and advice along the way.

This course is suitable for:

Absolute beginners to enthusiasts returning to digital photography after some time away. It's a great starting point for exploring the hobby & moving on to our other courses & events. This course requires no special equipment or type of camera. Compact camera users will learn how to get more from their cameras

Course duration:

This course runs for four sessions 


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