Outlaw! What Story Does a Photo Tell?

Here's the photo I've been waiting to share for 8 months. That's how long I've been training for my first 'half ironman' triathlon the Nottingham Outlaw Half.


We all know photographs can be special for all sorts of reasons, not always obvious. When I first started taking part in triathlons I was four & half stones heavier and certainly wouldn't have shared a photo like this! It's an official finish line photo and I'm mid-sprint finish (no, really I am sprinting!).

What really makes this photo special though is it encapsulates 8 months of training & preparation, being part of an incredible team (100%Tri) and the whole race which lasted 5 hours and 46 minutes. There's one last thing about the photo though, that no one else would see ... see that face in the background by my right elbow, the face wearing sunglasses and looking towards me? That's Karen my wife. Karen came out to see me throughout the bike leg & then travelled to the finish to see me on the run & finish line. What I didn't know until about 5 seconds before this photo was taken was she'd gone back to Newark to pick up my oldest son who'd secretly travelled down from York early on the morning to see me at the finish, he's stood next to her.

This is why photography's so special - every picture tells a story - and we get to write that story and put it in front of our 'readers'.

I competed in the Nottingham Outlaw Half in support of The Nomad Trust. If you can, please support them to provide vital services to those less fortunate by sponsoring me here